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Why Should You Take Your Practice Outdoors?

Well, it’s a POWERFUL COMBO that improves wellbeing and increases happiness (who doesn’t want that??)

I’m a huge fan of getting folks outside with fresh air – it’s a wonderful way to heighten your awareness and drop into the present.

So, why should you care?

Research shows multiple benefits of spending time outdoors… especially when combined with mindful movement.

These are just a few…

  • Improves short-term memory
  • Reduces Stress
  • Eliminates Fatigue
  • Boosts Your Immune System
  • Fights Depression & Anxiety
  • Improves Focus & Creative Problem-solving skills
Are you ready to experience the healing powers of intentional breath and movement while surrounded by nature?


I’ll take you on a scenic hiking trail (~3.5 miles) in the Bay Area off the beaten path. We’ll pit-stop about half way, where I’ll guide you through a 30 to 45-minute blissful yoga flow. 

It’ll include a brief meditation and breathwork to invite you to deeply relax and offer up an opportunity to soak up therapeutic benefits of being immersed in nature.

After you move and stretch your body and allowing any stress to melt away, we’ll continue the hike back. You’ll awaken your senses with fresh air and nourish your mind-body connection as you enjoy the nature-filled views along the way!

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and reconnected to our awe-inspiring planet.

Make sure to check back as locations are continuously updated with new trails to explore and more views to appreciate!


Take advantage of a unique opportunity to appreciate an array of exotic plants and practice while surrounded by lush greenery. We’ll drop into a 60-minute mellow vinyasa inspired flow focused on replenishing and reviving both body and mind.

Sessions will cater to all ability levels (beginners are encouraged to join!). Our grounding practice will conclude with a deeply relaxing savasana (the final resting pose).

Afterward, feel free to spend additional time perusing the variety of plants in the garden as well as the stunning coastal views of the Pacific Ocean.

And don’t forget to bring your mug if you’d like to sample a complimentary immune-boosting herbal tea!



Yoga on the water?!? That’s right!

SUP Yoga is a wonderful way to improve your stability, strengthen your core and to tap into mindfulness as it welcomes you to the present moement.

It’s a low impact, full-body workout where you can soak up the benefits of being in nature. No prior yoga or paddling experience necessary. You’ll be provided with options and encouraged to work at your own level, progressing as you find connection with the water and your board.

Never SUP’d before? No worries, all levels welcome and life vests are available.  Give it a try, you may surprise yourself and be capable of more than you realize!

How To Book My Upcoming Yoga In Nature Events

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