I'm here to help you feel better in your body, boost your energy and prevent burnout.


Who I am & What I Do

I’m Krystle, a certified yoga instructor with an international upbringing now based in San Francisco, CA. I spent years working in Corporate healthcare juggling high touch customer accounts and have experienced the all-hands-on-deck startup culture. I know firsthand and can empathize with the stressful challenges busy professionals face today.

Now, I bridge the gap to better health by offering wellness programs specifically designed with you in mind.

Are you ready to find balance in life and unleash your full potential?


IMG_20191103_121534 - Yoga Assist w. Karen

Private Yoga

Feeling stressed?
Burnt Out?
Low on Energy?
Dealing with an injury?

Do you want live comfortably in your body?

When was the last time you felt pure bliss and relaxation of both your body and mind?

I create highly customized sessions to support your needs, done at your pace, to help you meet your goals.


Workplace Wellness

An overwhelming 84% of workers suffer from work-related stress.

The good news?
Prioritizing wellness programs that use scientifically backed mindfulness techniques such as yoga and meditation can help manage stress and reduce anxiety.

Are you an progressive employer looking to broaden your impact with a healthier, happier and more productive workforce?


Yoga in Nature

Yoga can be done anywhere, so why not explore new sights & take your practice outdoors?

Refuel yourself with fresh air as you combine yoga and hiking on trails off the beaten path!

Heighten your awareness and tap into the earth's grounding elements. Feel the breeze on your skin, take in the striking scenery and scents of wild flowers as you soak up the healing powers of nature.


Breathwork & Meditation

The breath is an incredibly powerful way to access greater clarity, creativity, and to deepen our awareness.

As with anything, regular practice and learning proper techniques can help us more easily identify and disengage from limiting behavior patterns.

Breathwork and meditation are useful tools to navigate life's challenges with greater ease.

Curious where to begin or how to up-level your practice?

Workshops & Events

Looking for ways to reinvigorate your practice and meet like-minded people?

Ever wanted to do yoga in an Orchid garden?

What about yoga on the water?
Aka SUP Yoga (Stand-Up Paddleboard)

Maybe you'd like to expand your skillset with online workshops...

Stay tuned for updates!


Public Classes

I teach a variety of styles including vinyasa inspired flows. Intensity can vary from vigorous to restorative.

I aim to meet you where you are by making yoga accessible regardless of your ability or skill-level.
You can find me at multiple locations in the San Francisco Bay Area including:

Breathe Salt Yoga
The Battery
Maiden Lane Studios

What my Clients say about me...

Krystle is a fantastic yoga instructor who came to our office to teach a one hour lunch time yoga class. She's great at providing multiple pose options to adjust for those who are new to yoga and for those who are quite experienced. She's got a great energy and I attended each class our company offered. If you're considering it for your office I'd highly recommend it, it's nice to get some yoga in your day and even better if you can integrate it for your employees without adding any commute time.
Christina C.
Krystle's yoga classes were a welcoming break from a crazy work environment. Her classes were always tailored to the participants and she was able to work with people from all skill levels. I would highly recommend Krystle as an instructor.
Brian L.
Working in a fast paced environment with a long commute and short lunch hours made it very difficult to find time to take care of myself. That was until Krystle started offering a wellness program in our offices. No excuse not to spend 30-60 minutes when she came to the office. No equipment needed and many of her classes can be done in your office attire. My favorite classes included yoga and learning breathing exercises that resulted in mindfulness. Krystle is a delight to work with and learn from.
Gina C.
I hired Krystle to teach yoga, breath-work and mindfulness at our 85-bed residential elder care facility. Our residents love her classes! She easily tailors her instructions for multiple ability levels, including non-walkers and blind participants. She is willing to go the extra mile to accommodate everyone. Thank you Krystle!
Laura K.
On my second day back from maternity leave, I found myself at a work retreat doing yoga. It was an awesome surprise, but I was a little apprehensive because my core strength has temporarily abandoned me. Through Krystle’s class, I reconnected with my breath and reconnected with my love of yoga. She is kind, supportive and inclusive, offering lots of modifications along the way. I’m equally delighted to refer her to my friends and family as I am to fellow employee experience folks for their corporate events. Thanks Krystle!
Sara H.
Krystle did a fantastic job leading our team in a yoga practice at our corporate retreat. She was very communicative prior to the event and asked lots of questions to ensure she prepared a practice that fit the needs of our team. The whole team loved Krystle and will have her come lead us again in the future!
Anna D.