Yoga & Wellness Events

in the San Francisco Bay Area


Yoga can be done anywhere...

So, why not explore new sights & take your practice outdoors?

Refuel yourself with fresh air.

Explore stunning Bay Area trails off the beaten path!

Enjoy yoga with striking views while soaking up the healing benefits of nature.

Heighten your senses and mind-body connection as you reconnect to Mother Earth.

SUP Yoga

Seriously, yoga on the water?!?

Stand-Up Paddleboard (aka SUP) Yoga can be an incredibly meditative experience.

You're immersed in nature. With the opportunity to challenge both body and mind.

Adapting to changes, as you remain in the present moment.

Many first-timers surprise themselves...

You're capable of more than you may realize!

The best part?

Dropping into a deep state of relaxation as you blissfully float on the water.


Begin your week with self-care.

Take a meditative walk through a grounding garden filled with a variety of exotic plants.

Leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after a slow flow yoga class.

Beginners are encouraged to join!

Enjoy the scenery, while you connect with the growing community.

And nourish yourself with a complimentary immune-boosting herbal tea.

ONLINE Yoga & Meditation

Feeling S T R E S S E D?

Heading toward burnout??
(Already there?)

Take a break and find your flow!

Ideal for teams, individuals, families and friends.

We focus on relieving stress and inducing relaxation to promote your well-being.

To be your best, Self-care is necessary.

Wellness Coaching

Looking for some 1:1 support to help you juggle the demands of life?

I specialize in helping ambitious people...

Stress less
Feel more energetic
And sleep more soundly

Learn how to efficiently and effectively implement healthy habits so you can succeed personally and professionally without the overwhelm.

We'll work together to determine the best next steps to help you manage your precious time.


Have an idea for a wellness program or event that you'd like to explore?

Are you looking to round up a group of friends?

Or gather as a team for an off-site or special occasion?

If you're interested in creating a customized fun team-building excursion that focuses on coming together as a group while you heal the body and mind...

Let's chat, the possibilities are endless!