Upcoming Yoga & Wellness Events

in the San Francisco Bay Area


Yoga can be done anywhere, so why not explore new sights & take your practice outdoors?

Refuel yourself with fresh air as you explore Bay Area trails off the beaten path!

Heighten your awareness as you enjoy yoga with striking views while soaking up natures healing benefits.

Yoga & Meditation

Feeling S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D?
Heading toward burnout??

Take a break and find your flow!

Great for teams, individuals, families & friends! Vinyasa inspired yoga class geared toward relieving stress and inducing relaxation!

Indulge in some time for self-care.


Start your week off right by taking time for yourself!

We'll begin with a meditative garden walk filled with a variety of exotic plants.

You'll rejuvenate your body with a grounding slow flow yoga class. Then nourish yourself with an immune-boosting herbal tea 🙂

CBD Yoga

It's something you just have to experience for yourself. Several scientific studies are showcasing the benefits.

Here's your opportunity to infuse the non-psychoactive component of Cannabis along with the benefits of yoga.

Plant medicine is powerful and should be respected as such. Curious? Reach out to schedule a session.

SUP Yoga

Seriously, yoga on the water?!?

Stand-Up Paddleboard (aka SUP) Yoga is my favorite!

By immersing yourself in nature, you have to continuously adapt to environmental changes which require you to be fully present.

After surprising yourself that you are capable of more than you realize...

You'll drop into a deep state of relaxation as you enjoy a blissful float on the water 🙂

Yogi's Choice

Have an idea for a wellness event that you'd like to explore?

Are you trying to round up a group of friends for a special occasion?

Looking for a fun team-building excursion that does the mind and body good?

Let's chat, the possibilities are endless!